Creative Cannabis Harvest for Fun or Profit

How to use the cannabis plant to make money

Introductory cannabis class, uncovering various possibilities “BEYOND SMOKING” for Fun or Profit.

New Online Course IDEAS GALORE on how to use the entire plant harvest to the MAX.  Generate income, or grow for home uses dating back thousands of years.

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An online lesson plan to answer students questions on ways to use their cannabis harvest for fun or profit. The answer is always the same, use the entire plant. 

Enjoy the introductory lesson to the basics of cannabis and it’s uses. The Creative cannabis course is NOT a certificate course, or a grow course but rather a handy guide to the basics on expanding your knowledge and uses of the cannabis plant other than smoking.  Cannabis and its applications integrate into virtually every human industry imaginable. Whether it’s arts and crafts, construction materials, animal feed, beverages, packaging, biochar, and beyond—the uses are extensive.

Cannabis is legal in many states across the country,  and growing ever faster is the rediscovered knowledge that cannabis in all it’s forms is a benefit to humanity.



Tips on how to use cannabis other than smoke it – Online lesson only includes:

  • History of cannabis overview
  • Pairing cannabis with other ingredients
  • Consumable Carrier Oils
  • Tips on how to profit from your cannabis knowledge
  • Business, gifts, to craft project ideas featuring cannabis
  • Get the most from your cannabis harvest
  • The fundamentals of cannabis
  • Cannabis vs Hemp
  • THC vs CBD
  • DYI infusion techniques
  • Herbal teas for health and wellness
  • Cannabis and herbs
  • Instructor support
  • This online lesson module is NOT a certificate course, rather information and ideas on expanding your harvest and use of the cannabis plant
  • Closed captions
  • Lesson pop quizzes
  • Immediate Course Access After Purchase



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how to make money growing marijuana

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