Hemp vs Cannabis

What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis? Not much other than THC concentration. Hemp and cannabis are the same botanical family. They share similarities and are divided by psychoactive effects. Checking the law, the only difference between hemp and cannabis is THC content. Because a cannabinoid makes you feel “stoned” or intoxicated, lawmakers worldwide have set the standard for when cannabis sativa changes to hemp. In Australia or instance, the THC concentration is no more than 0.3% to be considered non-psychoactive.
Please check with the laws and regulations in you area to verify the specifics of legally growing for hemp vs. cannabis.

Hemp Usefulness

If you are looking for another income and are a crafty sort, hemp can offer huge growth potential with unlimited income possibilities. Hemp is easy to grow. You don’t need to worry about chemicals or too many pest issues, nor do you need to fertilize much . Hemp is a wonder plant; it is used to make everything from paper to bricks. The market growth for hemp is favorable. Just the fact that hemp is far superior than cutting down trees for paper products is a good reason to work with this plant.

The amount of available information on hemp cultivation and its usefulness in products and applications is mind boggling. There are articles, books, and videos on how to make a multitude of hemp products. Creative people are coming up arts and crafts with hemp theme and materials. You may be surprised by what can be made out of hemp. Hemp is infiltrating many industries who are adding hemp as a cheaper, better and ecofriendly solution.

From craft projects to getting licensed in your state to grow hemp, explore ways to use and keep up with the hemp industry, to set off a spark of ideas for creating a lucrative income source. The door to hemp creativity is wide open.